Saturday, 29 August 2015

Greed.. and, yeah, I rant again :)

So, as always this post will most likely end up side-tracked and ranting about something to do with Nazis on the moon, or the price of fish in China, however.. lets try :)


I have now looked at this screen for about 5 minutes trying to think about how to start this. I will start with a summary shall I?

  • Greed is the problem
  • People are greedy
  • Society encourages greed
  • This is not a new concept

OK, so now that I have that down, I will attempt (ATTEMPT) to expand a little :)

People are greedy, but for no reason. Why do you need more cars than you can drive at one time? Why do you need clothes that costs so much more because of a logo, symbol or who 'made' it? Why do banks (which are people too) need to send people bankrupt so they can get an extra $5,000 to add to their $50 kazillion they already have? There are people that hoard money, until they die, for what? What are you going to do with it? Are you planning on buying your way into whatever afterlife you believe in?
I think that the real fundamental problem is that people think they NEED when really they just WANT, but when you break it down further, why do you WANT it? So someone will like the way you look (when you are not even you) or so that people will think that you are powerful, strangers that might never see you again and you will not ever know them, why care? Why care what people think about you when you are not really you?
If you are a greedy person at heart then no matter what you have in your life, you will always be a greedy person and nothing will ever make you happy. I am not saying don't have money, but attempt to buy people because they are probably not the people that you want around.

Greed attracts greed. That is why you see so many "like-minded" people together. A greedy person will be with other greedy people and they will live their selfish lives together yet alone. Happy beautiful people (really happy and beautiful on the inside) will be with other happy beautiful people and they will be always that way. If you don't have new clothes, the people in your life should still love you, if you don't have nice (expensive) things then, who cares? Not the people around you.
If you live a life where it matters, you are wrong. You are fighting for something so futile, something that is so fleeting, so wasteful, just so stupid.

I know that most of the people that follow my rants, that read these entries and what-not are beautiful people, I know that most love animals, love nature and love life. And that makes me happy :) So I am sure that I am not saying anything new here.

When you hear that a bank makes $10 billion profit (PROFIT) a year, and there are people in your own country that don't have shoes, don't have food, die from living in the streets with nothing.. how do the people that run the banks feel? I don't think that they do. I think that they are dead on the inside. I would love to talk to one, really talk to one. Sit down with someone who earns so much money and does nothing good with it. You do hear about the odd millionaire that builds an apartment block and gives it to the community, a park, a shelter, etc.. but few and far between.
And don't get me started on people that get stupidly overpaid (like pretty much ALL the politicians), and when I say overpaid, I don't just mean with money, benefits also. Why do politicians need to fly first class? No, really, why? I don't. For work if I fly anywhere I fly the cheapest possible way (because work pays), if I want to upgrade accommodation, flights, cars, food, whatever, I will pay the difference because it is something that will just benefit me. So why do the politicians think that they need to be treated as royalty (don't get me started with royalty) when their SOLE job is to serve the counties needs, not their own gain.

Why am I ranting about all this now when it is nothing new? I always think like this (yes it hurts my head). I was recently watching a show called "Tudor Monastery", really interesting show about people that try to live in that period. Great way for me to try to learn what I need and what I want in my life.
HOWEVER... the show highlights the monasteries greed at the time. It really upsets me when people use religion (or fear/love) to 'earn money'. The monastery owned all the land around them and the people working the land had to get permits to fish, and then they had to also give a percentage of the fish to the monks. Greed. When the bread makers made bread they had to spend twice as long making the 'highers' bread by grinding it twice and sieving it, and they could then make their bread with the 'left overs'. Greed. And this continues throughout the whole show. And throughout the whole of history. Most religions have drifted so far away from what matters. Why do you think that your god wants you to build a giant steeple of gold and jewels at the costs of the environment, humans, and other animals in the area? Do you really think that it was your gods idea to build a world and make you destroy it to show that you love him.... really... think about it for just a second or two.
Real world example if you are not following along:
I make you a beautiful painting, a painting really magnificent, a painting to share with the world.
You decide to show me how much you are grateful for my gift to you, you light it on fire, a big fire, a huge fire, a fire that the gods could see. To show me that you are thankful for my painting you destroy my painting... Thanks? ....

Sorry for the rant, things are just 'wrong' in the world. Whatever you believe started this world, a cosmic bang, a god (or several), a giant spaghetti monster, whatever it is, do you think that we are doing the right thing? As a whole.

I don't think that the problem is fracking, the problem is not oil drilling or coal mining or icecap surfing or whatever. The problem IS people. People and their mentality is the problem.
If you don't like the whole fracking thing, don't protest stopping fracking, mines and the like make those companies so much money that they could buy the whole country! Instead, how about you look at not using the products that are created by those industries? Don't protest the killing of animals, protest the use of furs and meats. If everyone stopped eating meats and wearing furs then there would be no need to kill animals, right? If everyone stopped using gas, then, no need for gas to me mined... etc...

So instead of picketing and protesting something that is making people a LOT of money (including the governments that are allowing it) how about try to think about an alternative, educate people in something (like recycling products or alternative fuel/medicines/living).

Enough of my rant, which I know kinda got sidetracked, however nothing about fish in China or Nazis on the moon! You all get the idea? I hope so. I am trying to change my life to make less of an negative impact on the world around me, and I love helping people do the same. Learning is fun, teaching is awesome! :)

Well, to leave on a positive note, I have stuff to do in the garden now, here is a sample of some of my flowers in my green house... :)

I hope that you all have a great day today, smile and be happy :) Try to love your life and the people around you for the right reasons, and if you have to be greedy, just get more chickens!! ;)