Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mushrooms... sure, why not

This page is just some of the mushrooms that I have found around my place (in the last week), there are others that I have posted up here (in Crazy beautiful garden) but there is so much life around the 5 acres, it is hard to ignore. None of these were planted by me, and I have no idea if I can/should eat them (I know the chickens, ducks and geese give some of them a go )

I just wanted to illustrate that there are so many nice things around us, so many things that are so small, things that we step on, step over or just ignore. You can see the size of some of these little guys (by judging the leaves and grass near them)

This one was growing out of some hay that I am going to be using for mulching or garden edges.

I love this one, it just smashes out of the ground, leaving a crater around it, moves the grass that was growing above it. Amazing what nature can do when it wants something to happen.

This one, I am unsure if it is growing from under the leaf and pushing it up, or the leaf has fallen onto the mushroom, either way it is so beautiful. Amazing the intricate details in such small things.

There are so many shapes, sizes and colors that mushrooms can be. You don't think about it when you go to the shops and buy a bag to cook with, but there are so many others out there. It is easy to see how writers get inspiration to make "fairy gardens" and things like that, some are like seats, some (like this one) are like little umbrellas.

Some are not as beautiful in the traditional sense, but still there is beauty in the creation of this little guy, and whatever task he is trying to achieve.

And finally (for now) this. You can see the top of this one is unlike any of the others (although they are all unique) the top is not solid. Amazing. It is more like several sections put together (like a clover), either this is an abnormality in this mushroom, it is going through a life cycle step that causes this, or a chicken found it and wanted to just taste little parts. I don't know. I could ask the great and powerful Google, however as long as this little guy (and all the others) are happy, then I am happy to have them. My only concern is if the animals get sick from eating them, hopefully they are not that silly.. we will see..

If you like mushrooms then I hope that you like what I have been finding around my place :) I do love capturing things like this kind of life, and being able to show people all around the world, however there is so much that a camera can't catch, so much that you just have to see for yourself.

Well, I will leave you on that note, I hope that your day is great, full of sunshine and happiness :)