Saturday, 4 April 2015

Your soul, your aura...

On my way home this morning I was thinking about this blog, about something that I wanted to "share". When I say share, most of the time I really mean "vent", but either way :) I was thinking about what I would title this, and originally I was thinking "Customer Service is dead", however that was only the first part about my rant, and only focusing on the bad/negative. I try not to do that, to focus on just bad things around me. I find it easier/better/more helpful to try to focus on the good things, and brush off the bad, I know what you are thinking; Easier said than done! Well, trust me, most days it is a challenge.

 So, what is my problem today? Well, here goes;

 Customer Service is a dying art!
An art?
Yes, I believe that it is an art to deal with people correctly. When I speak about customer service though, I am not only speaking about a high-class 'Matradee', or a valet, I am speaking about everyone who wants to / has to deal with people every day. Sometimes I think that some people forget what industry they are in, if you work some place that provides a service to a customer, then without the customers you would be out of a job, so be nice!

What I think people need to know / remember (yup, it's still a rant!)

  • The Approach
They way you approach someone (not even a customer, just anyone) should say a lot about you (in fact it does), so make it a good approach.
You do only get one of these, people say that it is the first thing that comes out of your mouth that matters, well, that is not the first thing people judge you on.

    • A Strong Approach
If you want to tell people that you mean business, and that business is personal to you, think about that as you walk up to them. Stand tall, be proud and confident, this WILL reflect on whatever it is that you are trying to do. If you walk up slouched over, kicking a rock, spitting or in some form of daze, then unless the first words out of your mouth is an insightful look into the theory of relativity, then just keep walking. The person you are approaching has just put you in a category that might not suit your desired outcome. If however you wanted to look like a shady dealer, a pushover or a joke, then please, continue.

Most of us have had this experience, when you think that you are in control of a sales situation (as a customer) then you walk away after having purchased excessive  items that you had no intent to buy (including Zombie insurance, apocalypse insurance, etc..) and half way home you think "wait... what just happened, how did I just get walked all over?" Well, it is because the sales person was stronger than you. When we talk about someone being stronger, it is not all about physical appearance, mind you, approaching someone who is a foot taller and three times wider (muscle) is always intimidating, however you can 'smell' fear, don't let it emanate from you. Go into all situations with a goal in mind, whatever it might be, but ensure that you are flexible (just don't tell them at the start that you are).

OK, I know, I am rambling again and going entirely off topic. The topic was "Your soul, your aura..." so, I will get back to this lesson on how to get what YOU want in life, and how to be strong.

A look can change someones life.

When you walk past someone on the street, what do you do? I have noticed more and more that when I am walking around in a public place (which I don't like to do to start of with!) people have a blank expression and stare in front of them for miles, down at the ground, or at their phone (while attempting to walk in a straight line), I like to acknowledge people, maybe it was the way I was brought up? Who knows, but it is polite to acknowledge people, even just with a smile.
Why do I say that a look can change someones life? I can't count the amount of times that I have been served by a customer service representative in a store, and they have had a sour look on their face. A look of hatred for their job, their life, for you, who knows, but that look that people can tell a mile away that you are not happy. Fake it. If you are in customer service, service the customers, disregard whatever is making you look like that, and focus on the fact that this next person needs your help, they have come here for you, for you to help them fulfill their requirements.
However, so many times I have smiled at the surly looking attendant and they have lit up. A quick smile and you can see their whole life change, whatever was wrong, whatever was on their mind, melts away with a simple smile, a simple "Hello", what is it to you? Nothing, it costs you nothing, takes a fraction of a second to do, and for them, shows that their is someone out there that is smiling when they look at you.

It is also so true when you look the other way. When you are served by someone and the first thing that they do is smile at you. You are so much happier, you enjoy their company, even if it is only for 15 seconds in the drive through window. How many times have you left a drive through thinking "wow, what is her problem?", but if she (or he) had just smiled while handing you your overpriced preserve filled lunch, then you would leave thinking "wow, she was nice, lets come back here" yet she said nothing, just a smile.

Maybe I should release a self-help book for Customer Service representatives in the field? In my eyes, this is common sense stuff, but too often people fail at the simple things.

Well, enough of my insanity for now, I hope that your day is filled with smiles, even if it just from strangers on the street, enjoy life :)
I really don't like to have such a negative post, so here is a picture of some flowers from around my yard :)