Thursday, 14 May 2015

Feed the community - Fund raising shout out!!

Well people, the time is here. The time that I ask something from you. Please, don't get scared, just hear me out :)

The above is a link to the page I wrote about what I am going to do (for those not following along) but as a quick recap, I am planning on building a large aquaponics system on my 5 acres, producing food to feed people who need it. That being that can't afford it, don't have a house, hit hard times, etc.

Instead of the normal "fish tank" approach to aquaponics I will be using one of the dams that I have. The dam is lovingly filled with ducks, geese, fish, yabbies, etc.. and that will be the main nutrient source for plants.

So, the part you are all waiting for, "what do you want from me?". Simple, I would only like on of three things from you (or two or all).

1.  Donate money to the project to help it get started and all happening. You can click on this link to take you to the Kickstarter campaign page.

2.  Donate items. If you are in the local area (South East Queensland (near Toowoomba), Australia) and have anything that might help out on such a large project, this includes; pipes, shade-cloth, wood, metal, water tanks/barrels, seeds, seedlings, etc..

3.  Just share this page, or the Kickstarter page. If everyone who sees this (and the Facebook posts I am about to release into the wild) just shares it on their page, or a page they think might be into this kind of thing, then the word will spread around the world and hopefully people can at least give $1 and help support this idea. (

So there you go. The easiest and cheapest thing that you can do to help out this "Food is Free" initiative is to just share this idea. Share the idea that I am looking for public funding to help this. If this works then I hope that others will be inspired to get public funding and create free community food projects like this and share the love! :)

I would also just like to note quickly that people have already started to donate things. So thank you. I have received my first 1000 litre water tank, seedlings, and a lot a local people donating assorted things.

Also, my most favorite seed company, Fair Dinkum Seeds, who I have harassed a lot for information and help! Thanks for that!