Wednesday, 10 June 2015

RIP - Stuart :(

-- R I P --

This is such a sad page to write :( Unfortunately we lost our youngest Alpaca, Stuart, over the weekend. Just looking at his little dorky face right now makes me so sad, this is the part about living with animals that I really don't like, the saying good-bye part.

Stuart was such a cheeky little Alpaca, he was always interested in knowing what was happening around and trying to stick his little nose into things, although Clive was his 'guardian' and never let Stuart get into too much trouble.

His cause of death is not 100% known, although it appears to be a gastric-intestinal issue. For all those who understand that, good (I am not one of them, that is what Queen Cassowary does!), but in 'simple' terms I think that it means that he ate something that did not agree with his internal workings, what did he eat? Who knows. There are a lot of plants on this 5 acres, and after looking around on the internet I have found out that nearly 100% of all animals and humans that die have drunk water in the past.. so, I have no idea still what caused it.
This is a problem, because if it is a plant that they are allergic to, then I would love to know about that sooner than later, however we will see. Clive has shown no issues yet. Stuart took a turn really fast. One day he was playing and being his normal bouncy self, then he started to sit down a little more than normal, next day more-so, we called the vet who had no idea how to deal with Alpacas and only gave us general 'horse' advice. We found a "mobile-vet" who apparently has dealt with Alpacas in the past, however doesn't return calls and when we got hold of him, he was not really interested in actually coming out to help. I think that this highlights a problem in society that we all know about, when "professionals" forget why they do what they do. Why did someone become a doctor? To help people, so why is it that you meet so many cranky doctors that only issue out Soothers for a broken leg? Or only stick to one brand due to endorsements.. same with vets... They become a vet (like Queen Cassowary is firmly on her way doing) due to their love for animals, helping animals and being around animals, but when asked to pay a visit on Saturday morning..... way too hard, the sports game is on! Don't worry about trying to actually help someone in need, we lost Stuart that morning...

** end of my normal side-tracked rank... for now...*

Stuart will be missed, by everyone that met the cute little guy.
I think though right now the one missing him so much is Clive, he walks around the yard looking for him, calling for him, I know that he is worried about him and wants to make sure that he is OK. We know that he is OK now, he has moved on to some large 1,000 acres in the sky, filled with butterflies, rainbows and lots of juicy grasses to eat.
For Clive though, we are getting two more Alpacas this week, express delivery for the little man. From the same breeder that we got Clive and Stuart from, so hopefully they still remember each other, since we only got them at the start of the year.
We will see.
I just hope that it keep Clive happy and this doesn't happen again.

Well, one thing that this land has taught us is that you learn something new everyday. So now we know how fast this kind of animal can come into trouble, and we have also learnt that Queen Cassowary has to hurry up and become a vet so we don't have to rely on people who have lost their way in life!
We are still on the look out on the land for what might have caused this problem, however we just have to monitor the situation and react.

I will leave you all now, not the nicest post that I have ever written, however I wanted to let you all know what is happening around here, good and bad. I have to get ready for work, the reason why I can't do what I want to do around here :(
However there are a lot of new projects that I have done, I have been trying to take progressive photos of, so I will be putting up some new DIY small projects, and a new larger project (a green house), and I realise that I never finished the post about the NOCC - van, it is done and up and running now, so I will put a big page up about that very soon!

And I will put up a post regarding why I have this NEW ad company on, and NOT the Adsense (which is not as nice and friendly as I was first led to believe, a rant for another day!!)

Until then, I hope that you all have a great day with whatever you are doing, and I hope to interact with you all again soon :) Stay safe!!