Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A bit more about me....

Well, I am in my mid 30's, and I have the added joy of having a double knee reconstruction which means that my mobility is very limited. Why am I telling you this? This causes me a lot of problems, sometimes it hurts to walk, sometimes it hurts to sit for too long, sometimes it just hurts. When I am posting things on here and it might take me 3 days to do what looks like a simple project, it is because I have to break it up over time due to my physical restraints. So please understand :)

 I try to stay active (well, I can't help but do that since I have a full time job still), but trying to fit in work (away from 0630 and back at 1700 5 days a week, plus once a month working at least 1 24hr shift over the weekend) as well as finding time to feed the animals, clean up the animals, water the garden, plant new foods to grow, deal with water catchment, deal with the little things like heavy rains causing problems around the place, dealing with heat/drought... and the list goes on, it is hard. I need to keep working due to still needing money right now. I do say right now, I am hoping to one day have built a 'community', an area, something, that can live with minimal/no money, doing everything by trade/barter, but.. we will see.
Right now I know that there are a few people in my local area that are happy to swap things, eggs for pumpkins, etc.. so it is nice to see that there are other "like-minded" people out there, however the council will not accept eggs as a payment for rates, picky council :)

My mum has recently got my a watering system for 4 of my garden beds, this is great, this saves me so much time. Right now it is temporarily in place, as I am still "fine tuning" the garden beds, but it is still a welcomed upgrade to this place :)

My time... I just came back inside the house (it is 0522), so what do I do all day? I get up at around 0430. I feed the 3 cats (+1 that we are still baby-sitting). If I don't get up at 0430 (or if my cats clock is broken) my large ginger cat (Buttons) will sit next to me in bed and start to stroke my face.. this sounds lovely, and it is. He has such a warm fuzzy little paw, but, if I enjoy it for too long (between 1 and 5 pats), the warm soft fuzzy paw starts to extend its little claws, which by the way are NOT as warm soft or fuzzy. So, I will feed the cats, right now Buttons is on a special diet due to recently being diagnosed with having an irritable bowel, this means he eats only expensive food. Normally the cats eat a mixture of chicken and kangaroo, however with this problem the vet says that there is too much heavy/complex proteins in the red meat and it is probably irritating him :( So, he eats expensive stuff that is meant to be good (but processed) and the other cats will eat everything else until it all runs out, then we will see (maybe everyone on the expensive stuff... I might start selling body parts to pay for this!)

But, enough about Buttons and cat food, I will write up a "bio" on each of the animals in individual pages later on :)

So, cats fed, while the kettle it on, turn on the computer and check my email, FB and Gumtree (always looking for free/cheap things to help out around this place), and now, this blog thingy I will start to try to add something to some mornings.  I am also on a 'survey' site, where I answer questions and give my view/opinion on things for market research, why? It pays. Like I said, I need help wherever I can get it, so if I have a free 15 mins in the morning I will fill out a quick survey and earn money for it :). Anyway. As I check my emails and all that, the kettle boils and I have a coffee, while still doing some stuff on the computer, about 0500ish (depending on when the sun is coming up) I will go out and let the chickens/ducks/geese out (soon to be guinea fowl, but they are in a baby cage (I will add photos) since I worry about predators. I let them out, feed them and listen to them talk to me (or yell most of the time) about everything that is so important to talk about at 0500.

Then, coming back inside, normally finishing up on the computer, get everything ready that I need for work (leaving at about 0630), then, at about 0530 it is time to wake up -- the other half.. so, the kettle goes back on, and it is tea making time. I used to make her breakfast also, however sometimes she is not in the mood to eat that early so it gets wasted :( As I make her tea I will get anything else ready for work, and give the cats second breakfast.. they start to complain at me that they have never been fed, so I give them a little more (yeah, I'm a softy).

She will get up and we will enjoy a cup of tea together, then it is feeding the dogs time and putting my work things in the car. She will normally start to make something to eat (I don't need a lot that time of the morning either, since I will have cereal at work at about 0900). There is always something that gets in my way though, always something that stops this perfect plan from running smoothly, normally an animal has done something silly and I will deal with it, or I will get tied up writing this blog and then realise it is 0545 and I have things to do :)

So... on that note, I will continue to add more about life as it comes, until then, I must get ready for work.

I know that so far there has been little structure that I have stuck too (all over the shop here), but after the initial picture is painted and you can all see what is happening, I am sure that things will start to take shape properly....... I'm sure,,,,, :)

Until next time, I hope that you all have a great day!!! :)