Friday, 27 February 2015

Happy Chickens (and secret NSA plot)

My happy girls
This picture is a little old, only about 9 months or so, but it is from when we first moved in. The girls (now a lot more) were getting to know the place :) On the right you can see Charlie, she is the only little bantam chicken we have, we got her from a "rescue" the last owners/breeders where closing down and we went just to see if there was anything we needed (wire, feeders, etc) and the place was feral. There were dead baby chickens throughout the floor (been dead for so long that some where just bones...) normal things that you see from uneducated breeders like over population, confined cages, etc. and Charlie was there, a baby chicken, a few days old. Charlie ended up in our custody and now thinks she is about 10" tall!!

Since this photo was taken a lot has changed, firstly the amount of animals, but the regeneration of the land has also really taken off. Charlie has also raised babies of her own, with out the need of a rooster! (yes, she is independent) We got some fertilized eggs from a friend when Charlie was broody and 4 babies hatched. She was the proudest mum ever (mind you all her babies are now twice her size!)

When I look at some older photos like this one (and regret not taking more 'before' photos), I am so happy to know how far we have come and how much we have done. What we are doing here is so minimal compared to what needs to happen in the world, I will not harp on right now about the problems that we have in regards to food production, sustainability, etc, but there is a huge problem. I like the idea that I am involved with a lovely group of people that like to grow there own produce, and more, and 'trade' with other people. It is so nice to know that. This means that there are less caged eggs being brought from the shops, less chemically grown/maintained foods in circulation, and the place gets greener (in looks) which is so nice compared to concrete buildings everywhere. It is nice to see so many nice eatable gardens popping up in suburbia, some people at work have started asking me about what to do with chickens (are they easy to keep, what to feed them, etc..) which is great that people are starting to become more self reliant on some things (we have to start somewhere). And then there is the conversation about keeping money local, don't get me wrong, the local supermarket is a global company that uses all its money to fund secret NSA satellites that spy on me when I sleep (I am actually really interesting when I sleep) and we should keep the money local instead of helping the NSA spy on me, however they do give local people jobs, which gives them money, and the large chains are a necessity in modern day living. I do like giving money (or produce) to local people though, and keeping things close to home, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling :)

BTW, if the NSA are actually spying on me it means that there is nothing else important to do with government assets, so it makes me happy to know this, means there are no more nasty terrorists running around :)

Anyway, I must be going, I have another day of work (not the fun kind) to be doing, so I must get all my goodies in one basket for that.

And if anyone out there would like to donate money to the "Jimmy should get to stay home in order to make the world a better place" fund, please feel free to contact me and we can talk :)

Last thing (I promise), I don't actually think that the NSA are spying on me, or that they are capable of spying on anyone, and I don't make any actual accusations towards the NSA in regards to what they do or don't do with their governments money/assets. (..just in case.. I don't want the American government to sue me!) but I do believe in the "Food is Free" project and home grown produce!