Saturday, 28 February 2015

Travel time, flowers and oxygen...

A drive home

This is a picture of part of my drive home, it is the longest part of my day. It is the part of the day that I know I am going home, I have so much to do there (so sometimes I think that it is overwhelming) but I think that it is the longest time because it is the last thing that stands between me and our property. However, it is such a nice drive :)

During this drive (once I am off the main road) I only see maybe 5 other cars, and the closer to home I get the less cars I see, and the more the cars I see are the same. This is a nice thing, for a few reasons; if something/someone changes in our area, everyone knows about it. They say that you can't keep a secret in a small town, that is not always a bad thing (unless you are doing something wrong). It is nice to know that if there is a car that doesn't belong people will notice it, If there is someone doing something they shouldn't be doing, people will notice it.

Knowing everything around you is not always a good thing (for one it is tiring), it is also sad. It is sad to see trees and green around you, then the bulldozers move in. Development is a necessary part of forward movement, however I think that people do it too abruptly and too self-centered. They will move into an area and flatten the whole lot, then build what they want, then plant some nice decorative flowers and trees (small for low maintenance) in the area. The most common complaint you hear - "Possums are nesting in my roof", well, you killed their homes, where are they going to go? You need to try to balance with the nature around you. It is such a beautiful thing, the native trees and plants in the area, it is nice to try to live 'with' them rather than kill them because they are there. Most of the time they are not even in the way, people are just scared. In reality what do we even need trees for? They don't do all that much do they? Just drop leaves on the floor.. nothing about creating homes for native animals (under the fallen leaves, in the bark, in/on the tree), disregard that annoying thing you learnt in primary school about photosynthesis and something about oxygen, I think it is all over rated, you get so much oxygen from the air-conditioner in your car, office and work place, you don't need it floating off into the sky, what does the sky need oxygen for? What a waste.

Side note: If you haven't gathered by now, my conversations (with myself normally) get side tracked and I go on rants about whatever is on my mind. I think that is the point of this blog, so sane people can get a look at the inner workings on insanity, at least I think so.
Oh and most of my rants are about stupid people around me doing stupid things.

I think the other thing to notice is the diversity of the topics of conversation. For example, this blog was originally titled "Travel Time", because I was going to chat about the drive home from work each night, the love I have for my property and the area I live in, and probably something mushy about my wife and monsters, however, now no-one has any idea what will come next, probably nothing about cars or travel, so the title will get changed (as most of them have so far)

I was just outside, with the chickens, and I saw a new flower that the morning light has opened up :
This beautiful sunflower :)
Then, whilst still around outside I figured I would see some other flowers, and this is what we have:

 I know that this purple one is a "Morning Glory", it is such a beautiful vine/flower and does a great job of beautifying things in the garden, I don't recall the name of the white flower, but it smells really nice and it is looking great.

I love the flowers, trees, grasses and everything else about this place, it is such a nice place to come and relax and potter (also so much work to be done, so it is not always relaxing, but the idea is there).

Well, it is getting late, in the morning (0620) I must start with other things, Saturdays are always a nice day because the timings are a little different to that of the working day, I get to spend more time in the mornings doing things that I like, such as tending to the animals and gardens.

Well, I must be off, my people (animals) need me, and I am hungry so I think that it is breakfast time (I hear a faint murmur coming from the vicinity of my wife).

I will keep you all updated and soon I will start to put up pictures and writings on what I have done around here (and try to keep on topic) and what I hope to do.