Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Princess

This is Pants. Pants is the oldest of our 3 cats, she is a Princess. She is a loving, gentle and caring cat, however that is only when SHE wants to, if she is in one of her "moods", she will ignore you, she will yell at you, she will hide from you (for no good reason).

I will learn how to use this blog site correctly, because the glory that is Pants could not be contained in a mere page of black and white text and one photo, I will upload videos of her, photos of her and lots more information as this whole blog site develops.

Pants is like an angel, when she wants to jump onto something (bookcase, top of fridge, top of the printer...) she will just appear to drift up there gracefully as if gravity was an suggestion and she had no time for silly nonsense like that, she must be on high to survey her minions.

She loves to go outside, she is not allowed to go outside. Pants is a domesticated cat, a predator to nearly everything outside that we are trying to protect (Buttons has even been eyeing off the Alpacas...) so, in order to keep the peace in "the house of the mighty and glorious and beautiful and angelic and graceful Pants" (as she likes to call it), we have built a "cat-aranda". This is an outdoor area (which used to be a veranda) which we covered in chicken wire (I will add a photo when I can find/get one). This is accessible through the laundry in the house, and has a human sized door so we can leave from it into the backyard. Pants like this place, she allows the other cats to join her there, which they all appreciate.

There is a new addition to the house plans, and that is to build a "cat-io", this is like a patio..... but for cats. This is a larger venture, which will cost money and time, both of which I am still very short on.

Enough about building things, this page is about Pants!! :)

You will notice that in pretty much every photo of Pants she is looking amazing, it is actually a fact that you can not take a bad photo of Pants, it is just impossible (unlike defying gravity).

Ok, I must go, I know, there is still so much beauty to talk about with Pants, however, I can hear 30 odd birds (and yes, they are all actually a bit odd) starting to wake up, so I must go now, let them roam free in the yard and give them some seed, and continue to get ready for work...

I hope you all have a great day, and please feel free to look at photos of Pants all day (you can actually print them out and put them on your desks at work!)