Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ideas anyone? + about me

I have a lot of ideas, but no time :( It is always the way unfortunately.

I am still, however, open to suggestions, if you have any ideas for me to try out, please let me know. I love to hear peoples ideas on how to do anything better, faster, cleaner or cheaper. With that said, maybe I should do a proper introduction about who I am, what I want to do, what I have.. and all the rest :)

So, my name is Jimmy. I want to live 'off the grid', 'organically', whatever other catch words you would like to use.

I like to recycle things, for a few reasons. Firstly there is too much landfill and waste in the world. We need to do something to try to save what is left of our planet, so my small attempt is to try to get other peoples waste and reuse/recycle it for something else. The second reason that I like to do this is to save money. That's right, I am not actually a millionaire, I have a job (which doesn't pay too well), and I am trying to save and get what I need to get, however life keeps throwing problems in my path (this is the venting I was talking about earlier), but, I will talk about all that as time goes on :)

So.... I have 5 acres of land that I own and live on with my wife, 2 dogs, 3 cats (+1 babysitting at the moment), 1 rooster, 13 chickens, 17 ducks, 6 guinea fowl, 4 geese and 2 alpacas, as well as a large variety of wild/native birds, possums, lizards and other animals (the odd Kangaroo comes past).

I will add photos of the animals, the land and features (like the dams) as we progress throughout time (and while I learn how to make albums and whatever else I need to do with this bloggy thingy)

That's all for now :) I have things in the real word to do!! :)