Sunday, 1 March 2015

Recycled life, time travel and the North Koreans... does that include Zombies?

It's life... but not as we know it... 

or maybe you do know it like that? I don't know, but one thing I do know is that I like to recycle things. Recently I have heard a new term - "Up-cycling". Instead of recycling, up-cycling is getting old things and making them live again, most of the time for a different purpose than originally designed. This is interesting, because until I learnt that new word I have always called it recycling. I suppose it makes sense, recycling always sounded like melting metal down into new metal things, etc. In the bigger picture of life, I don't think it really matters what you call anything, as long as the intention is there. So, my intention is to try to build things around my place using either old items that can still do their job but are just not 'fashionable' or 'neat and clean' anymore, or using things (like in the above picture) for a different purpose than they were built for originally.

Why? Why don't I just go to 'Ikea' or 'Harvey Normans' or what-not and buy that new fluorescent pink chair in the shape of a giant hand, or the yellow and black bookcase that has an 'interesting' lean on it that makes you think you have either taken excessive drugs, or maybe 'Pants theory of gravity manipulation' might actually be correct and there is no spoon.. wait, where am I going with this you might ask? (I have forgotten also, lets get back to the point). Why don't I just buy that stuff? Sometimes it is because "things aren't built like they where in my days", and I know that the item will fall apart 1 day after the 6 month warranty, but I think that the main reason why I don't buy mainstream 'fashionable' pink fluorescent hands to sit on is because (it looks stupid) I don't see the need to buy new things when the world is full of perfectly good things already.

Why waste money (especially if it is tight) on buying new fancy-pants shiny things, when finding an old rake head that is rusty and probably not too good at raking (especially without a handle) and using a left over screw and three different sized washers (also left over from who-knows-where) and making a really cool looking 5 wine glass holder, or a holder for serving spoons/wooden spoons that have the holes in the handles (they can hang from the spiky parts of the rake), and as a bonus, when zombies come knocking you can pull it off the wall and use it as a weapon to slay the unholy beasts and send them back to the hellish corner from where they came (or just kill them, whatever)

Enough about zombies, back to recycling/up-cycling/reusing, whatever you want to call it. I have so many ideas about what I want to do in this place, but sometimes what I lack the most is either motivation or inspiration. The above piece I had in my head for ages, in fact I actually had all the parts to make it (not all in the one spot), but getting the motivation to do things sometimes is so hard, I don't know why. I made this while I mum was staying over for a few days, for some reason I had motivation to do several things that I had been meaning to do. Maybe it was because I wanted to show her what was in my head, not sure, all I know is that for some strange reason you can get inspiration from people you don't expect, at times that you don't expect either. I am not saying that my mum is my muse, merely that I had motivation, maybe I wanted to impress her, or maybe I just wanted to hide in the shed and make something? :) Perhaps..

Some of the things that I want to make around here are; a system to move water around the damn, shelter for the alpacas, a wood shed, alternate power generators, the cat-io (see a previous post), more garden beds, a new quarantine pen for new birds/animals we get, and the list goes on... So many days (like today) my knee is playing up already and it is only 0600, so I don't feel motivated because I am sore. People say that you have the energy when you are young and the ideas when you are old, too bad when you are young and have the energy you don't listen to the older people with the ideas. Too bad you can't go back in time.. or can you?

People have two ideas about time travel, either it does NOT exist because there would be people here today that are from the future (and like the show "Back to the future", they would stick out) and people would have gone back to the days of castles and taken a full-auto 50cal machine gun and absolutely dominated and became "supreme-leader-and-ruler-of-all-known-galaxies" (I suppose like that guy from North Korea). The other idea is that if you go back in time you would create an alternate time line, therefor creating a new future, one that is not the one that I am in today, because this one is the one where the other one of you (that didn't do the time travel) did not change my history and therefor the history I know has not been altered since I can't change what I already know (which is why it is so hard to teach an old dog new tricks), therefor the other version of you did not change history, but merely wrote a new future by doing something slightly differently. The interesting part about this theory is that I might not know you, you might have nothing to do with my life at all, yet the path that you are now on does not include the same version of me. I think that it might have something to do with the butterfly theory, 7 degrees of separation, and all that. All I know is that there is a bloke somewhere who went back to the beginning of time (either Adam and Eve or the big bang), and is having a really fun time riding dinosaurs and eating caviar from a coconut shell and no one tells him to take his feet of the coffee table. Ah, what a life he would be having.

Anyone, it is now about 0630, so I must go, there is a murder of crows outside calling me... eerie...

Until my next update, I hope that you are all inspired or motivated by someone or something in your lives