Friday, 6 March 2015

Alone in the world..?

You know that feeling you get sometimes, that feeling that you are all alone, I don't mean in the universe, as in are Aliens real, I mean just at home. That feeling that you are fighting a battle all alone. That feeling that every good idea you have, every new thing you try there is nobody there to assist you, to help you create it, to support you. You feel like this bird, not even big enough to see over the grass, lost, helpless. (BTW, this little bird was rescued about 2 weeks ago and rehabilitated and will be re-homed)

Well, I get that feeling a lot. I don't know why. I have a beautiful and supportive wife who lets me make/do whatever around here, and collect all the parts that I need (or don't need yet, and don't know what I might need them, but I have them anyway). Sometimes though you get this warm little fuzzy feeling inside you that there is someone there to support you, sometimes you get that glimmer of hope, this happened just the other day.

One of the big things that I try to do around here is to not create too much waste, and take others waste and re-use it for other purposes. So, when my wife said to me "you know, we should stop using these liquid soaps and body washes because there is a lot of extra packaging that is unnecessary", it is little things like that, the small things that people say, that make you feel like you are not alone fighting this endless battle against consumerism and the constant waste that the world is producing. It is little things like this that give you hope that there are other "like-minded" people out there, people that do think about things other than themselves. Don't get me wrong, I am in a lot of groups involving recycling/re-using/re-purposing, waste reduction, greener living, etc..  but nothing beats support at home, support from friends and family, the people that you love.

I know my cat Buttons doesn't support me, he woke me up from 2300 last night until about 0300 asking for food every 12 minutes... that is not supportive, that is him wanting me to support his weight management problem!

Well, speaking about being alone in the world, I need to go to work soon, or I will have all the chances to be alone and jobless! :) (although not having a job does sound appealing at times), I have a lot of 'catch-up' work to do, I have been off work this week (sounds great!) however it was to go to a funeral for a family member, it was one of those sad times where you look at your life, the impact you make on others around you, and think more about the people that you wish you could see more often. Death is something that always makes people think about their own mortality and reconsider their life choices (so hearing my wife talk about recycling helps me know that I do make some right choices in life!)

However, I must leave you all now, things to be done, worlds to be saved!