Saturday, 7 March 2015

My wife.. the blogger

So, my wife has a blog page.. I am not sure if this is a good thing, a bad thing, or a scary thing :) Considering it is called "A Preppers Wife"  and I think that it might be a slightly objective view, but that is ok.

So, about being a #prepper, well, about ME being a prepper. What I have learnt is that there are so many kinds of 'preppers' out there, the title alone is so ambiguous. Some people assume that you wear tin foil as a hat, others think that you have a large cache of underground weapons capable of taking on a small army, some think that you will quit your job and start to monitor the radio for signals that come from another planet. I am not any of those (I do like the feel of tin on my head though).

Why do I say that I am a prepper? What does it mean to me? Well, I have talked a little about this in other posts on this blog, but now I will go into some detail (without mentioning the NSA secret plots, aliens that want my toenail clippings or my long lost uncle in Nigeria), I am preparing for when I don't need society anymore.

What? That is crazy, all people need society. Is that what I hear you say? Well, if you have not read all my posts yet, you will know that yes, I am slightly insane, however what I mean by this comment is very simple (I think). What I mean is that if anything happens (government overthrown, bikie gangs rule Queensland, oil companies monopolise the industry or aliens come and take us in our sleep) I would be prepared to handle it. I would not require too much help from others to complete this. I am building a place (home) that is self-reliant, one that can live off the grid for a period of time and remain as alive and as efficient as before.

Does that mean I have a secret tank at my house and a stolen satellite?!? ... no.. sorry, I don't actually have anything as interesting as that. In fact, one of the things that I try to ensure is that everything I have and do is legal, I don't need to get in trouble for something silly and lose all that I have. I intend to get a fire-arms licence and get the right stuff (safe), and it will all be above board. I am not one of those preppers that has a laser-guided-anti-missile-seeking-nuclear-silo-anti-alien-mind-reading-probing-projectiles in my basement (I don't have a basement yet).

I think that I started to be a prepper by accident, I know that a lot of preppers reading this will most likely agree (if not now, you might by the end). I started hoarding first. I hoarded (and still do) lots of things, wood, metal, electronics, waste, I don't know the list goes on (I can detail everything if you are really that interested however it will all come out in these blog pages). I started 'collecting' all these things in case I needed them, why? Why would i need them? Who knows, literally nobody in the world could ever know why I might need some of these things, however I think that I have a problem, well, I think that is a given since I have purchased 5 acres to store it all in!!

So why is it a problem? Good question, you might be thinking right now, 'No, you are right, keep collecting all those old trampolines and freezers!' (my wife doesn't agree), however it does get to a certain point where enough is enough. I don't think that I have got there yet, but I am sure that there is a "spot". I collect things. I have a large collection of (what some may say useless) things which I hope to use for projects around the place.

Most of my prepping is not about stopping zombies or the government from stealing my basil crops, but it is about being able to live with as little purchases as possible. Right now I am relying so much on other people to "give" me things, charity. I am looking for anything really, old sinks, tvs, freezers, wood, etc. anything that I might be able to reuse into something around here. Why? Am I that cheap that I can not afford to buy a real raised garden bed from Bunnings? Well, yes. Companies over charge for things, they have to pay so many people, deliveries, packaging, warehousing, shipping, storage, etc. what if you could just buy from the guy who makes it? Surely that will save a LOT of money (e-bay is great for that), but even better, someone else has already paid silly amounts of money for something, and now either has no use for it, or it does not function in the way it was first intended to function, so they throw it out. Well, that is where I am trying to come into it. I am trying to catch all that stuff, trying to stop all that from going into the land fill. Please don't get me wrong, I am not after money for this, I don't get things that are broken, 'fix them' and then resell, I either use everything on this land (or store it for when I can use it), or give it to charity. There are a lot of people that are now donating things to me (mainly clothes and toys, etc) and I am just taking them to the local thrift shop as a donation. If I can not use it, someone else might be able to. I just want to try to stop so much landfill and save people (including me) money.

Well... I have no idea what I started writing about, but I know that the geese are outside the window right now yelling at me (they have little to no patience), so I must go now.

I will, as always, hope to update you all soon on what I am doing (and how my Adsense account is going), and anything that I hope to do in the future.

In the mean time, I hope that you all have a great weekend/night/day/life, and I hope that we can help or meet each-other soon :) and sorry for no pictures on this post, tomorrow morning I will have some about the new chicken coop :)