Friday, 13 March 2015

Crazy beautiful garden

This morning I wanted to share with you some photos more than anything else. These are photos I have taken of some (small) parts of my gardens. There are so many beautiful things in the world that get hidden away in plain sight, but if you relax, take the time and enjoy the things around you, you will see so much more.

Like this, under one of the tomato plants is this little guy. I am not saying that he is a good mushroom, or beneficial (might be the worst thing in the world to have growing near my tomatoes) however he grew there by himself and appears to be very happy with life. It is such a delicate little mushroom, I am afraid that one of those little tomatoes could squash it easily!

On the topic of mushrooms, these little guys don't quit! They look so soft, like you could just push down on them and they would spring back up (not recommended), they look like a cloud of mushrooms

Majority of my property is Australian native plants, and native to this area, however there are some things that the previous owners have planted that I will never destroy because they are still alive, they are still doing so much. I would not have chosen a lot of them, but they are here until they don't want to be anymore :)

This little flower is so interesting, in a sea of ferns and palms this little one decided to bring some color into the area. I am not complaining.

Some more of the slightly odd plants for this area, but they do what they do :) 
They add some "diversity" into the scene, and a lot of birds and spiders are calling this place home, adapt and overcome.

Something again from the eatable side of the garden, I am more into natives (native to the area) and eatables. I don't see a huge need to add things that are just beautiful (I have Queen Cassowary in my life and that is more than enough beauty for my garden (and of course my princess Pants) because in creating an eatable garden, you bring with it all the beauty of the flowers that assist the veggies, like this one.

And... then there are carrots. These are some of the carrots that we don't talk about in public, the test babies. I have learnt a few things about growing carrots since these ones (which tasted fine so I don't mind what they look like)

Ok, my ducks are politely requesting that I let them out now (just on sunrise), so I must go and attend to the other living things around here.
I hope that you see the beauty and uniqueness in life just as in these carrots :) They might seem twisted but they are just as tasty!

Enjoy today and everyday, I will keep updating and blogging (hopefully for your enjoyment)