Monday, 9 March 2015

Buttons. Terror or Angel?

This is Buttons

This was Buttons

It is amazing what some tuna will do to a cat! :) Buttons is around 2 years old now, unfortunately for the little monster the vet believes that he has now developed an irritable bowel :( This is really sad, especially for such an active and interested cat. Buttons would eat anything (and I do mean that). Cats are carnivorous (this means they eat meat, just meat, so all those wacky vegans out there that believe that your cat should be vegan also, you are wrong. It is not their life style choice, it is the way they are (like suggesting that you should start to breathe water and life at the bottom of the ocean, no, you are not a fish))

Back to Buttons :) So he is now on a very specific diet, Hills Science Diet, yup that DOES sound expensive doesn't it. Forever. The vet suggested trying to get him into other foods gradually, foods that he can digest easily (nothing with heavy complex proteins), but I don't want to hurt him. This means that he eats in the bathroom, locked in, and Pants and Thunder Cat eat where they normally eat. Once both parties have completed (or leave the area) then Buttons is released back into the wild (rest of the house)

Now, why might I be asking the question (post title) if Buttons is a terror or an angel, looking at the above two photos you must be thinking, surely this is an angel if I have ever seen one, look at his little nose, and his cute belly and HIS PAWS (no doubt you are crying with happiness at the sight of his cute little fluffy paws) however, there is another side to Buttons.... a dark side...

This is a picture of Buttons. You might be thinking "Oh my, that is so cute! It looks like he is taking a side of selfie and the little man knows how to use your phone and he is going to call other cat friends and share information on his little facebook page and...." blah blah blah.. (downwards spiral of cute little cat noises and tears). This is NOT the case, this is not what it looks like when Buttons is using my phone, do you know what it looks like? It looks like 0100 (yup, that is one o'clock in the morning) Buttons jumps up on my bedside table, looks at me for maybe 30 seconds, then starts to softly stroke my face with his fluffy soft warm paw. Right now you must be thinking "wait, that sounds lovely, maybe this guy is not a cat lover", no, I am, I love my little #fluffykillingmachine, all three of them. So what IS my problem? The problem is that my phone is on that bedside table, Buttons will put one paw on the screen (which lights up due to his warm touch) and it will make an eerie glow under him, just like a horror movie, still kind of cute though? If I don't get up within about 15 seconds (or three pats) Buttons will start to use some of his little claws, those little fluffy paws of his hide claws, razor sharp claws of terror.

Why? Why does Buttons do this? Clearly he is hungry. Well, we have taught him to use the computer and look for recipies, he knows how to cook, so I don't get why he doesn't just make himself a snack?

I don't think it is because he is hungry. Sometimes (yes I am guilty of it), I will get up at 0100 and give him (and the other two) some food. Just some of Buttons' special diet dry food and they can all have some (treat of the others), but then within an hour he comes and wakes me up again :( 
I feel for the little monster, I really do. Sometimes he will just sit there and cry :(

Enough sadness, this is Buttons relaxing in his day bed. He likes to nap, he is so adorable.... when he is not waking me up all night with his fluffy claws of doom!

Well, it is getting late in the morning now, I have to get ready to go to that place that no-one ever likes going to, the place that steals you mind and your time and rewards you by slapping you, yes, work.

I will leave you with this picture of Buttons, the #SuperCat, he likes to practice being aerodynamic, in case one day his plan to fly works out, the last thing he wants is more drag!

I hope that you all have a great day, enjoy life, and if you love kittens enjoy them also :)