Monday, 2 March 2015

Gardening and Prepping..

Gardening and Prepping, nearly the same...

What is prepping? Well, what does that word mean to me is a better question. You hear the word "Prepper" (or some variety of) a lot more these days, mainly due to shows like "Dooms Day Preppers" and the like. So, why would I say that gardening and prepping are the same? Gardens and zombies, EMPs, civil unrest, they don't normally go together, but in my case I think they do. 

Let me just say, I don't think that zombies are about to jump out of the sewers and eat peoples brains, but I do believe that the world that we are living in is changing fast, and not for the best. So, if you haven't worked it out yet, if I garden and create my own livable area, an area that is self-sufficient. I realise that it is hard for humans to become self-sufficient, however it is easier for plants to do it. So what I am hoping to create is something that will create food, warmth, shelter, harness water and protect itself from predators (bugs and what-not). Above is the first 4 garden beds we put in around September 2014, below is the same garden currently (taken start of February 2015). 

Firstly I would love to note how much better the area around it looks, so nice and green and alive. The previous owners to our place didn't really care for green, or dirt, or trees, or air, or life. I have no idea what they were doing with 5 acres, I don't think that they knew either. They helped destroy this land, there was so much damage when we got here, so much of our time (even now) is spent just trying to 'clean up' the messes and try to reverse the damage done to the place.

Since we are trying to live with the land, we created this enclosed garden bed. It is just over 6' high and fully surrounds the 4 garden beds. This is to stop possums, bids (including my chickens/ducks) and any other animals that would like to munch on what I have done. The gardens themselves are not thriving as much as I would like, but I have learnt a lot since first planting them, since the soil was so bad we got some nicer soil (hence why they are slightly raised), however since the soil below the raising is so poor as the roots got through the good stuff they are met by nothing good. So, what have I learnt from this, you must make sure the soil below is perfect first. This is hindering the development of my garden. They are getting there, just slowly :) For our first attempt I am happy though.

The edgings of the garden are made from an old above ground swimming pool, the wooden stakes are either recovered or leftovers from other jobs, and the wire was spares from the chicken pen fencing.

So, what am "I" prepping for? Nothing particular, just a nice happy future with my own veggies, and eggs. I don't want to be so reliant of the main system (shopping centers) I want to know what goes into/onto my food, I want to be able to grow enough food on this land that I can happily share with the animals around me, and the people around me also. Our idea is to have multiple fruit trees and food sources around the yard, some that are not protect from animals, so the wild birds (and the chickens) can eat the fruits and nuts from those, and other gardens (like the above) that are for human consumption. I plan on eating from the "wild" trees also, but if the animals get there first, we won't stave.

Ok, it is nearly 0600, I have a lot of work on today, so I best get to it. Enjoy your day, hopefully you are doing something that you love doing today.

Until my next update, have a great life!