Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interesting Recycling / Reusing

Three interesting ideas

One thing I love doing, is meeting interesting people, by interesting I do not mean "I am interested to know how are you still alive", I mean those people that have ideas that when you hear it you think "wow, never thought of that, so simple". I love recycling and reusing, and I am always happy to hear ideas that people have in regards to what to do with 'old' things. We (as humans in general) create a lot of waste, products that are only designed to be used once, for only one originally intended purpose, and these are the products that generate the most landfill. Things like a fence are easy to reuse, worst case they turn into firewood (not treated woods of course), however things like this sparkling wine bottle, they were made never to be reused, they have no resealable top (a cork that will not fit back in), you can buy kits for resealing them, use waxes, makeshift a plug/bung, but the point is, they were not designed for that.

So, what do you do with them? You can grind them up into small glass shards/dust and do something with it. You can smash is and make glass mosaic things. You can put candles in the top (if you own a restaurant) and make an interesting center piece. The two things I heard about yesterday for these bottles are very interesting and I wanted to share them. I met a beautiful young lady yesterday who read a post I had offering these bottles (and the springs below), so I dropped them off at her place and got chatting about what she was going to do with them. She has two ideas for the bottles;

1- paint and decorate the outside of them, and fashion a new cork for it, and distribute them as 'potion' bottles, a beautiful idea for decorating a shelf, especially in a meditating room, or a dark kitchen designed for creating things in vats or cauldrons :)

2- garden edging, she is thinking about placing them around in a circle and securing them using clay/dirt and filling the inside of the circle with dirt, and that is the garden. I think that it will glow with color when the sun hits it, can't wait to see it done, I will request photos so I can put them up here, so anyone following along will understand what I mean :)

Now, this is her idea for the springs, firstly these springs come from an old trampoline, I acquired trampolines for the purpose of reusing the frame and the 'netting' for garden related tasks, however I have no idea what to do with the springs (short of a metal recycling company), one idea that was given to me was to automatically shut gates, this is a brilliant idea, and I am implementing it on the cat-eo gate (from a previous entry). The idea that this lady had in mind though is something so simple, so easy and so logical, yet something I didn't think about at all. She is going to put up a square shade sail, she will use the springs in each corner before attaching it to the supports. This will then allow the shade sail to have a little more 'give' in it and stop it from ripping in a storm.

Well, I must be going, the day is coming to a start. I hope that you all have a fantastic day, think outside the box, but make sure you share with others so we can all work together to make the world a happy, clean and friendly place.

Enjoy your day, be happy :)