Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Digger and Scarlet

Digger and Scarlet at the dam, investigating 

In the below two pictures Digger (the black one) and Scarlet (the brown one) are checking out the front dam just after we had a lot of rain. This is the first time the dam started filling since we lived here. It was an exciting time as the dam was broken when we got here (the previous owners didn't want that much water...) so we fixed the wall and it started filling :) Happy times (this makes two small dams on the property)

This is what happens if Digger and Scarlet get too much exercise in one day, they are out!! :)
The bed that Digger is in looks like a human bed, in fact it is. It is my side of the bed. Anytime that I am not in the bed Digger tries to take over the family! :)
 And this is Scarlet snuggling up on the couch, about to watch some TV and have a little sleep with her blanket