Friday, 6 March 2015

Making money, does it rule the world?

Life is all about money, everything is about money, and that is sad. Life should be about life, about living, about enjoying things that you love, not about working 12hrs a day, 6 days a week, not seeing the life that you are missing.

I know that so far what I have written about is erratic and random, and mostly about gardens and animals, however money still rules the world. I would love to live in a society without money. Food is Free project is something that I love, I think that this is a perfect idea, a perfect start. However, I can not really start this project at full speed due to not having enough money to start it :) So, I must work.

However, there are a few things that I have started to do to try to help earn extra money to start my money-less life/venture. Ad Sense from Google, I have just applied to get that on this blog, I know that I don't have anywhere enough viewers/followers yet, and I know that my content is not particularly helpful to anyone (except maybe a student studying some strange disorder that involves hoarding and self-sufficiency!) however I can try. I am trying to make the content of this blog interesting and entertaining for people to view, and I am learning about how to actually allow people to FIND this blog (advertising).

The other money making thing I am doing is This works. All you do is spend 5-30 mins (depending on the survey) and they just ask you for what you think about things (creates those ads that say "9 our of 10 people think this package looks good"...) and those 'points' that you score for your opinions convert into vouchers, shopping (food/clothes), fashion, electronics (JB Hi-fi) and more! This helps as I use that for vouchers in the shopping center to get groceries, that frees up my money for buying gardening stuff (or paying bills).

I suppose the other thing that I do is barter. Trading good that I grow(or eggs) for other veggies that I don't grow yet. This means that having 12 eggs in a day is not a waste, I trade 12 eggs for some pumpkin, lettuce and beans, happy times! :) Everyone is happy (everyone involved that is), until I get my gardens up and running this is a great thing, in fact, even with my gardens up it means that I don't have to grow everything I need/want. I have also found people that are happy to trade manure for food, sometimes things like empty bottles, bags, etc. for produce. This means that you could have food, fresh organic healthy food, from what people call rubbish! Fantastic.

My gardens are getting along, just time.. a whole lot of precious time...  The only problem with the survey site is that it takes time, and like I just said, everything else that I want to do takes time. I think that I could fill up 38 hours in a day with what I would like to do, but work suggests that I visit them also, it is hard to be so wanted sometimes ;) Speaking about my work place, some of the people there spend all their time playing computer games (after hours mostly), when they ask me what games I like to play, or do I have the latest 'what-not' game, I just let them know that I don't play games, I don't have the time, I don't even watch TV that often (sometimes in the evening with diner). They do not understand how I could not have all these games, gadgets and TV shows to fill my life with, but then again, they don't have the beautiful animals that I have to wake up with, or to see the blossoming flowers of the different plants in the gardens :) Whatever makes you happy though.

Even with the best barter system, even with getting 'vouchers' for the supermarkets, you still need to pay the bills, you still need to worry about fuel for the car, insurance, etc.. so money is still needed. I just want to live without such a dependency on it. I want to live in a society where money is a by-product of something else, and not a goal to reach.

Well, enough depressing talk about money and working too hard for it, here is something nice to look at, this was in bloom this morning, it was watching the sunrise :)

OK, life calls me again, it is time....

Have a great day, enjoy life, enjoy the small things that make you happy :) Don't work to make someone else happy