Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Some ducks....

Chickens, ducks and geese

This little clip is an experiment to see how well linking my little clips of my crazy girls will go on my blog. So far it looks a little slow and choppy, but we will see :)
I talked before about setting up a YouTube channel to put all the clips onto, I think that will be the way to go, and link them from here.

Here are some of the ducks and geese. The geese are so interesting, they are so curious, whenever you do anything, there they are to check out what's going on. Chickens will get in your face to explore things, they will jump in a hole as you are digging it, or try to examine a chainsaw while you are using it (not too smart), but geese are different, they don't put themselves in harms way like chickens do, but they still want to be involved :) They still like to know what is happening, and if they can eat anything that is happening (as you can tell by this page alone, nobody is starving here!)

The video clip at the top of the page was just after throwing some seed (you can see some girls in the background actually eating what I gave them) and the ones in the foreground (mainly the Muscovy ducks!) are asking for more or something different, they will not get it, they never do, but they always like to ask, The Muscovy's especially like to eat out of your hand, I think it is their way of ensuring that THEY are getting all the food, and there is no 'waste'. I love them all, and their 'special' personalities :)

I will look into how to get the YouTube thingy happening, I have a lot of little movies like this one, movies about what I have been doing, or just the animals being, well, the animals, very cheeky.

I hope that you all enjoy your day today, hopefully it is filled with chickens, ducks, geese and the rest of life, not stuck in an office somewhere not wanting to be there.

Be happy, I'll talk to you all soon! :)